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The next step in your Raindrop Training.
Learn how to stand and move at a massage table so YOUR back doesn’t hurt while giving Raindrop.
Learn the WHY behind each technique.  Get visual cues for each technique so you know you are achieving the goal.


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Save $15

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The Combo for those who want to KNOW MORE!

1. The Raindrop Resource Guide will answer so many common questions about Raindrop.


2. As an All Things Raindrop Member you’ll get:

  • Access to priceless interviews with Wellness Practitioners as they share what they have learned with you.
  • Tips on Oils, Tools and Techniques
  • Body Systems + Raindrop
  • 24/7 access to all videos.
  • A new video is added weekly.

Purchase the Yearly Membership  in All Things Raindrop, and I’ll send you a special coupon code for 50% off the Raindrop Resource Guide, Oily Family Edition OR Raindrop Resource Guide Facilitators Edition – your choose!

Save $27.50!

The monthly membership does not apply for this special, but you are still welcome to join!

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I created this program to answer many of the common questions Moms have after they learn Raindrop.

If you learned Raindrop from a friend, a book, a video or a 3 day training, this will give you the skills you need to:

  • adapt the technique to fit each person in your family (babies, toddlers, young kids, teens and adults).
  • give Raindrop to someone who can not lay on a massage table.
  • give a Raindrop if you don’t have a massage table.
  • create a system focused Raindrop
  • and more….!


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This program was created to offer additional support to Raindrop Practitioners / Licensed Spiritual Healers.

This guide will help you to:

  • adapt the technique to fit every receiver you see.
  • understand concepts of how and why to change oils as needed.
  • create an Emotional Release Raindrop
  • create a System Supporting Raindrop
  • make your Receiver as comfortable on the massage table as possible.
  • and lots more…

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I am working on a new book about peoples’ experiences with the Raindrop Technique®.

To hear about your story I have created one survey and have more on the way.  Each survey has a specific wellness focus in mind.  Please take a minute to take this survey if you experienced Raindrop while being a nursing mom.

After completing the survey you will have the option to add your email to get updates on this oily project!

If this survey does not fit you but you would like to be updated about future RDT + A Wellness Focus survey, then simply click HERE!

Thanks for your time, I look forward to reading about your Raindrop story!


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If you’d like to stay in touch with Adapting Raindrop, get oily and Raindrop tips AND get the Quick Guide, my free gift to you, click on the picture and then…


Print off the Quick Guide for Replacement Raindrop Oils and add it to your Raindrop notes.  When you run out of an oil, or one is out of stock, then grab your Quick Guide!  You’ll get 3 options to use as a Replacement for your missing oil.
Never panic again cool!