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Confidently Tailor Your Raindrops to Support
Each Person You Work With.

   Welcome Raindropper!

A place for you to learn more about Raindrop.

Whether you are a mom or a wellness practitioner my goal is to help you to feel comfortable giving your raindrops and confident to tailor your Raindrops to fit each person you work with. 

For years it has been my vision to create a resource and a place for people to go when they have questions about Raindrop or want to learn more.  This vision is becoming a reality here with these on-line programs and Face Book group.


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Pain-Free Raindrop cover page

All the material and demonstration were so easy to follow. The content was great and to the point. The explanation of why and how were right on point. Definitely a must take course no matter the experience level. If you have pain while doing Raindrop this course will help you improve your posture and positioning.

Patsy Garcia

Technique Intentions Cover Page

I loved learning the technique intentions to better understand the Raindrop. When I give my Raindrops I can give it with more intentions, I love that!! I am such a “why” person and this answered a lot of my questions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

Jausica Swanson

Cover Page - Resource Guide 500

This course was very helpful in understanding how the body should respond to the Raindrop, understanding what’s happening in the body with each technique and what you can look for to know you are achieving the intentions of the technique. Highly, Highly recommend this course as a great refresher to your Raindrop service.

Debra Swartzendruber


Christina is the most knowledgeable, kind hearted instructor I have ever encountered. Each topic was thoroughly and professionally presented. Christina included ALL the little details that one could ever encounter in a Raindrop session. I was thoroughly impressed and will continue to learn from her.

Melissa Eller