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Whether you are a mom or a wellness practitioner my goal is to help you to feel comfortable giving your raindrops and confident to tailor your Raindrops to fit each person you work with.

For years it has been my vision to create a resource and a place for people to go when they have questions about Raindrop or want to learn more.  This vision is becoming a reality here.  You’ll find on-line programs, books, membership groups and a tools page all focused on the Raindrop Technique and Essential Oils.


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On-line programs, memberships, books & tools.

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“This book is the best resource for anyone practicing the Raindrop Technique or those wanting to know more about it. Christiana is a wealth of knowledge and communicates cleanly the steps to take. This book helps you understand the Raindrop technique and how to confidently adapt it for your clients needs. It goes above and beyond the basics. A must resource for Raindroppers!”

Debra S.


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Online Class
Grow Your Wellness Practice with Fellow Raindroppers
These online classes are ready for you to join.
They will CLOSE March 25, 2024.
The next time they will be available is January 2025.
Learn more HERE!

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Online Community
Join a community of Raindroppers.  Meet other Raindropper and learn about free resources, online classes and educational membership to support your Raindrop Journey or Wellness Practice.  Share your class, tool or book that will help your fellow Raindropper. 

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Free PDF Download
Have you ever run our of an essential oil traditionally used in Raindrop?  Or was an oil out of stock?  Just download and print off this PDF and when you are missing a Raindrop oil, don’t worry!  Just grab your Quick Guide and you’ll get 3 other oils to use instead.

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On-Line Class
“The course offered exactly what the title stated.  The class videos were short, very clear and easy to follow and very informative!”

Amy Straube

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Educational Membership
100+ videos to learn from 24/7.
Learning from others shortens your learning curve. Hear what others have figured out over the years. You’ll learn tips and gain “golden nuggets” of information from seasoned and new Raindroppers.

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This is a Perfect Resource Guide for “Oily Families” and Raindrop Technique Specialists. The resource guide is easy to follow and will answer any questions you may have regarding Raindrop Technique. A must have for your personal library and professional practice.

Celeste Reed


Technique Intentions Cover Page

On-line Class
I loved learning the technique intentions to better understand the Raindrop. When I give my Raindrops I can give it with more intentions, I love that!! I am such a “why” person and this answered a lot of my questions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

Jausica Swanson

Technique Intentions Cover Page

Online Membership
Coming soon is the new improved, more interactive membership.

Learn more and stay updated on when this new membership will open by going HERE!