As a Raindrop Technique Practitioner, you may receive questions about how you can safely offer this technique to more people.

Who can you ask? Where do you go for support?

In this Resource Guide, I share with you all my tips and lessons learned from over fifteen years of offering The Raindrop Technique in my wellness practice. You will also find helpful insights from other Raindroppers I’ve had the pleasure of learning from during my Raindrop journey.

With this guide, you will feel confident and equipped to offer the Raindrop Technique to more clients, allowing you to become a leader in this technique. Whether you are a Raindrop Practitioner, Massage Therapist or alternative wellness advocate, this book is for you!

Grab your highlighter and get ready to delve into a guide that will help you confidently:

  • Introduce Raindrop to your current clients.
  • Tailor each Raindrop for a unique experience for your Receivers.
  • Ask the right questions to determine the “toxic load” of your Receiver.
  • Give a Raindrop to Receivers who cannot lie on a massage table.
  • Care for your Receiver if they get a muscle cramp or are uncomfortable.
  • Adapt for special considerations.
  • And a lot more!

“This book is an amazing “At Your Fingertips” Raindrop Resource guide! It covers many aspects of Raindrop done the way the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education teaches it. There are great pictures and explanations! I like the fact that it shows many varieties of position changes for both receiver and facilitator! It also suggests changes that can be made for different circumstances and oils. There is a chapter on questions to ask the receiver as well! Great resource. I will have this book in my Raindrop Room from now on!!”

Becky P.


“This is an excellent resource for those who administer Raindrop. Christina has a great way of giving practical examples and visual aids to assist in making the Raindrop experience a successful one for all types of receivers. Reading this book can help prepare you for some of the situations that can arise and give you the tools to identify and adapt to make the Raindrop massage a positive experience. If you have experienced Raindrop you know what a powerful wellness tool it can be, this book helps the practitioner to gather more information from the client to be sensitive to their individual needs and help the recipient to achieve their desired outcome. I highly recommend reading this book.”

Jennifer A.

“This book is amazing. I’ve only started and I’m in the first chapter and have learned a ton. Things I haven’t thought about. I’m finishing up the care program and excited about become a certified raindrop technique specialist and this book is a great tool to have.”


Part One The Basic Recipe

Chapter 1: How Raindrop Supports Us
Chapter 2: The Basic Recipe
Chapter 3: Adding Other Oils
Chapter 4: Replacing an Oil
Chapter 5: An Emotional Release Raindrop
Chapter 6: Adding More Massage to Your Raindrop
Chapter 7: All About the Base
Chapter 8: Some more about detoxing

Part Two Receiver Comfort

Chapter 9: A Sitting Raindrop
Chapter 10: Giving Raindrop Side-Lying
Chapter 11: Spinal VitaFlex on the Feet when Sitting.
Chapter 12: Stuffy Sinuses
Chapter 13: Muscle Cramps – What to Do and How to Avoid Them
Chapter 14: Prone to Sitting

Part Three Special Considerations

Babies and Toddlers.
Cortisone Injections for Pain
Edema vs Lymphedema
Emotional Release and Trauma Response
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Other Conditions Affecting the Myelin Sheath

Chapter 15: A Growing Resource

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