Technique Intentions Cover Page

Practitioners of the Raindrop Technique spend time touching their Receivers’ feet when giving Foot VitaFlex, which is an important part of the Raindrop Technique. This online class discusses common infectious and noninfectious foot conditions. We will explore how Practitioners can adapt the technique if their client has an infectious foot condition.

As a Raindrop Practitioner, your hands are now a big part of your livelihood. You need to take care of them, and knowing when and when not to touch a Receiver’s feet is part of self care.

After taking this online class, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify common infectious and noninfectious foot conditions.
  • Give 3 ways practitioners can adapt foot VitaFlex if their client has an infectious foot condition.
  • State how their own health plays a part in their decision to adapt foot VitaFlex with a client who has an infectious foot condition

Things You’ll Find on Your Receiver’s Feet

  • Part 1: What We’ll Cover
  • Part 2: Common Foot Conditions
  • Part 3: Considerations & Adaptations
  • Part 4: Tuning Fork Tips
  • Part 5: Hand VitaFlex Tips
  • Part 6: Referrals
  • Part 7: Conclusion, Resources & References
  • Part 8: Tell me your thoughts
  • Exam for NCBTMB 1 CE

Earn Credit from NCBTMB

You will have the option to complete the exam at the end to earn 1 CE from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work.

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This class is held in a Mighty Networks community.  When you take this class, you’ll also be joining a community of Raindrop Practitioners.  This is a nice way to stay in touch with Raindroppers like you.  You’ll also be able to take advantage of the FREE Resources to support your wellness practice.