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When I first learned Raindrop in 2005 I focused on the HOW of the techniques.

I wanted to master all the techniques, just like my Raindrop students do.

How do I do VitaFlex, Stretch & Shake, Saw Maneuver etc. correctly?

That is the intention behind a Raindrop class, isn’t it? 
No matter if you’ve learned Raindrop by a video, in an hour class, at a large convention or 8 hour training, you need to learn the HOW first before you go any further.


once I became skilled at the techniques and started teaching Raindrop, I found myself on the next level of mastery. I began to question WHY these techniques are used. I wanted to fully understand the purpose behind each technique.

“Technique Intentions” puts together those years of experience, study and mentorship.

This course is for people who like me, want to fully understand the WHY behind all the techniques used in Raindrop.

In this training I’ll explain to you the intentions behind each of the techniques used in Raindrop.  I’ll also give you visual tips and cues to let you know that you are achieving those intentions.  

I want to share my years of research and “ah-ha’s” with you because I believe that once you understand the WHYS or the intentions behind each technique you’ll be more purposeful in your application of the techniques and you’ll feel more confident. This will lead to improved outcomes and happier receivers!

“Wonderful clear explanations. And i like that you have what to look for to see if you are achieving your goals. that is so helpful!”

Carol B.


“Christina is the most knowledgeable, kind hearted instructor I have ever encountered. Each topic was thoroughly and professionally presented. Christina included ALL the little details that one could ever encounter in a Raindrop session. I was thoroughly impressed and will continue to learn from her”

Melissa E.

“This course was very helpful in understanding how the body should respond to the Raindrop, understanding what’s happening in the body with each technique and what you can look for to know you are achieving the intentions of the technique. Highly, Highly recommend this course as a great refresher to your Raindrop service.”

Debra S.

Part One: Start Here!

  • Welcome and download notes.


Part Two: Techniques Used in Raindrop

  • Feathering along the Spine
  • Feathering Straight to Sides
  • Finger Circles


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