Join your fellow Raindroppers who are working to create a Wellness Practice.
These online classes are ready to for you start right now!
You have the option of participating in Focus Groups which are optional, the goal is to help you get and stay motivated while connecting with others working on similar goals.

In the Business Bundle you Get:

Clarify the Focus of Your Wellness Practice

This is not your typical marketing class. This class is specific to wellness practitioners who include Raindrop into their practice.

You have unique abilities and skills to help people, that is why you started your wellness practice, right – to help people. But one of the biggest challenges to building a business is finding those people who need and are open to the help you offer.

The challenge most people need help in is figuring out exactly HOW they help people and WHO it is they help. Once you clarify this in your mind, marketing becomes a breeze.

Many Raindroppers I speak to express the frustration they have about marketing and building a business. Join me as I share the biggest business building lessons I learned in my 20 years of having a wellness practice.

I’ll give you the step by step guide I realized I was following which helped my business explode. In less than a year, I went from having a spotty schedule to having a waiting list.

This class is a prerequisite to Make Marketing Easy & Effective and Coupons & Specials.

Make Marketing Easy & Effective:

Let’s take a look at all the marketing terms and tools. We’ll check out the pros and cons of common ways to market your wellness practice.

I’ll give you the approach that worked best for me. It was professional, grew my practice quickly, and did not require the use of social media AT ALL!

You’ll get to meet with three Wellness Professionals as they share their thoughts on the best way to approach them about the Raindrop Technique. We’ll discuss the key words that would catch their ear and get their attention. They’ll share what aspect of Raindrop would encourage them to refer their clients to you.

Coupons & Specials

When we start a business, it always seems like we HAVE to create specials and coupons for people to come to us, but do we?

If you are going to create a special, let’s make sure it doesn’t break your back or your bank. We’ll explore some things for you to consider before handing out those coupons and specials!

Coupon and Specials are really part of marketing. So let’s make them work for you while making your Raindrop Receivers feel special, cared for and like they got something extra!

Important Dates:
Early Bird Pricing Ends February 22nd.
New Registration for all classes end March 25
Focus Group for Clarify the Focus of Your Wellness Practice Feb 26-March8
Focus Group for Make Marketing Easy and Effective March 25-April 5
Focus Group for Coupons & Specials April 22-26
Next time this will be held January 2025.