100+ videos: How-to’s, best practices, “Golden Nugget” interviews, answers to questions, etc plus a community of fellow Raindroppers! The videos that you’ll find in here do not take a “treat and prescribe” approach. Instead, the goal is to share experiences from a wide variety of Raindroppers. Learning from others shortens your learning curve. Hear what others have figured out over the years. You’ll learn tips and gain “golden nuggets” of information from seasoned and new Raindroppers.

The Topics Include:

  • Chapter 1 – Adaptations & Observations
Chapter 2 – Business Topics
  • Chapter 3 – Human Body
Chapter 4 – Oils
Chapter 5 – Table Tips
Chapter 6 – Techniques Used in Raindrop
  • Chapter 7 – Techniques for Additional Support
Chapter 8 – Tools
  • Chapter 9 – Meet the Author / Educator



The Resource Video Library

I have received so much valuable insight into physical, emotional and spiritual health from holding these “Raindrop Chats”. I can’t wait for you to view them!  I’m excited to hear how these 15-20 minute videos support your Raindrop journey and wellness practice.

In the “Library” you have access to all the instructional videos, interviews and resources that are organized into Chapters along with #keywords.  This will make it easy for you to find and access when you need it, eliminating the hunting and searching that is typical of Face Book groups. Simply use the “Search Bar” using key words to bring up a list of videos and comments on that topic.

You are encouraged to add your thoughts, resources and share your experiences on that topic below the video.  Can you imagine the amount of resources we will collect in time? Not only will you get insight from the Raindrop Chat, but you’ll be able to read the comments from everyone else in this group who has added their knowledge.

Another resource is the Chat Room for those part of the Resource Video Library. You are welcome to bring up a question, do some brain storming with peers or share your wins for the day.  

You’ll have 24/7 access to all of it so that you can view all of the information on your schedule, on any device.

 An Ecclesiastical Educational Community

As a member of the Professional Wellness Alliance, I am making this online membership a Private Educational Ecclesiastical Community. Raindrop supports us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many of the members in this group are Licensed Spiritual Healers, so it makes sense that the discussion in the Resource Video Library always tie into emotional or spiritual support.

All members of the Resource Video Library are required to join the Professional Wellness Alliance as my Client. This is free for members to do.

As a Private Ecclesiastical Educational Community, what members share with each other is legally protected and kept private. You are encouraged the USE THE INFORMATION that is shared here, but the names and details of each person and story is kept private. 

“These videos and interviews are very helpful in reinforcing what I’ve learned at CARE class and also in seeing and hearing what more can be done through Raindrop. It is so good to be apart of a larger community and learning from the gifts, knowledge, and experiences of others! “

Debra S.

“I love all these tips!  Thanks so much.”

Vera G.