We know that Raindrop is an amazing tool to use to support our immune system. 
I put a poll out to the group, Adapting Raindrop asking “What is the number one thing holding you back from giving Raindrop to your kids?”

“Not Enough Time” was the number one choice.
The second most popular reason was “Not sure how to give Raindrop to Kids”.

Today I’d like to give you 3 tips to give Raindrop to your kids on a busy mom’s schedule so you can support their immune system when they need it – not when you have the time!

I’ll also share a resource to help you answer “How to give Raindrops to Kids”.  Both of these topics are totally related.

 My goal with Adapting Raindrop is to help you to feel comfortable giving a Raindrop and confident to tailor your Raindrop to fit each person you work with. Today lets discuss how to tailor your Raindrops to fit your busy mom schedule so you can give Raindrop to your kids when they need it, not when you have time.

Let me tell you a story that relates to being uncomfortable giving RDTs to kids and this cute dog.

  We recently adapted a cute Chihuahua. She is only 5 pounds, 9 months old. I just L.O.V.E. this dog.

I know I need to cut her nails, but I keep on putting it off because I’m scared I’ll hurt her. Nails are dark so I can’t really tell how far can I cut. I don’t want to hurt her.

My daughter and I have watched Youtube videos with all these tips on how to cut your dog’s nails. I learned:

  • To do it after exercise when she is tired. So I decided I need to cut her nails on the weekend after a long hike.
  • I wasn’t sure what was the best nail cutting tool, I need go to store and ask!
  • I realized I need to cut her nails in the evening when my contact lense is out, so I can see tiny things up close up better.
  • I will need the time so I don’t rush.
  • It is important that it is quiet so I don’t scare or spook her.

So to get ALL of these requirements in alignment was impossible.  So I’ve delayed, and delayed.

That is when I realized I just need to ask my friend Dawn Marie to help me. She knows dogs,  and I know she can teach me. 

We met for 15 min and she taught me exactly what to do and now I feel WAY more confident!

  • I know WHAT tool to get, it is way smaller than I thought it would be.
  • I still need to take out my contacts to see that close up.
I learned I don’t need all other “requirements”.

I now am confident enough to cut her nails when she needs it.

That is what I want you to feel about Raindrop! I want to you to feel that it is easier than you thought to give Raindrop to your kids so that you can give your kiddos a Raindrop when they NEED it, not what you find the time.

Here are 3 tips to give Raindrop to your kids on a busy mom’s schedule so you can support their immune system when they need it – not when you find the time!

Tip #1 – Take away the mama guilt.
Raindrop for Kids is NOT going to be like Raindrop you’d receive from a Raindrop Practitioner or MT’s office. There are totally different expectations with each experience! When I give Raindrop to a client at the office it is VERY different then when my girl is not looking right, and I want to support her immune system with a Raindrop.

When giving Raindrop to my daughter, I’m probably not going use all the techniques used in Raindrop. My #1 goal is to get the oils along her spine and stimulate her nerves. I want those oils to spread out along her nerves and support all they systems of her body. Any additional techniques I do is all extra, or “cake”.

And another big difference is with you kiddos, you might be talking, singing or telling a story. Don’t worry about having the space quiet, entertain as needed!

Tip #2 – Your Raindrop will NOT be an hour.
If your main focus is to get the oils on their back, you are not going to worry about all the extra techniques. Your Raindrop will not take an hour. So take that time frame out of your head. Your Raindrop can be as long or short as needed to get the job done.

The length of your Raindrop will be determined by a few things:

  • How long will your child stay stationary?
  • How long do you have to give?
  • How are you feeling? If you didn’t sleep the night before because your kiddo is sick, you’re not going to want to give a big long Raindrop.

Don’t let a time frame hold you back from giving the immune support your kiddo needs.

Tip #3 – Don’t need a massage table to give a Raindrop.

I’ve heard a few people say they can’t do a Raindrop because they don’t have a massage table yet. Please don’t let that hold you back from giving Raindrop! You can do Raindrop on the floor, a bed or at the kitchen table.

I hear this question a lot too, “How do I give Raindrop to my kids?? 
A lot of people are worried about what oils they should use for their kids, what Raindrop techniques are safe, how to get your kid to lay on a massage table for an hour…

This is why I put together Adapting Raindrop Oily Family Edition. It is just for Moms who have questions like the ones we just discussed. It helps you to include Raindrop into your family’s wellness routine more often.

  • I go over how to give a Raindrop on the bed or at the kitchen table while both giver and receiver are comfortable.

I discuss HOW to determine how much oils are safe to use with your kiddos

  • I share my “System Supporting Raindrop” protocol – tailor Raindrop to support a specific system.

I’ll also show you how to give Raindrop to your babies and toddlers.
  • and a ton more!

I wanted to be your Dawn Marie, my friend who showed me how to trim my little dog’s nails. This Resource guide is me coming into your home and showing you how to do a Raindrop to your kiddos, to take a way your concerns and worries. I’ll show you how to adapt your raindrops to fit your busy mom schedule.

Have you just started your Raindrop journey?  Join other Raindroppers in “All Things Raindrop” to have 24/7 access to a growing resource library and a supportive community of other Raindroppers with a wide variety of experience.