Have you ever done VitaFlex on someone who has ticklish feet? How about when giving a Raindrop, and your Receiver jumps on the table when you start giving doing the Spinal VitaFlex points on their feet?

I have 5 proven tips to help your Receiver receive VitaFlex if they have ticklish feet.

1. Use firmer pressure

May times the ticklish feeling our Receivers may have from Foot VitaFlex can be stopped if we simply use heavier or harder pressure.

Often when people do VitaFlex they use a very light and feathery touch. This technique works well if it is light or a firmer pressure.

Don’t be afraid to firm up your pressure and see how your Receiver reacts to it.

2. Use distraction

Often I find that simply chatting with my Raindrop receiver a bit and distracting them while doing VitaFlex, helps them to take their mind of their ticklish feet.

When you are doing VitaFlex along the spinal points on the feet for Raindrop, many times by the 3rd pass the nerves get used to the feeling and the Receiver does not sense it as ticklish anymore.

So try getting their mind off of their ticklish feet and keep on doing foot VitaFlex and observe if it continues to bother them when you get to your 3rd pass.



3. Apply relaxing oil first

If you’ve seen this Receiver a few times already, you may be prepared for their ticklish feet and apply an oil that supports relaxation on the soles of their feet. This may be just the thing that helps their sensitive nerves to calm down.



4. Apply pressure to the foot.

Many Raindroppers find that holding and applying pressure to their Receiver’s foot helps to desensitize the ticklish nerves and prepares the Receiver for foot VitaFlex.

I think this works well when used with some sort of conversation distraction, mentioned in tip #2.




5. Do the Spinal VitaFlex points on their hand

If all else fails and you cannot work on your receiver’s feet for VitaFlex, then move on to the hands. Those same points can be found on the palms of the hand and it has similar benefits.

There is no reason to make your Receiver feel uncomfortable or guilty about having such sensitive feet, this is an easy solution!




Your Thoughts

Do you have any other tips to share that help your Raindrop Receivers with ticklish feet?  Please share them in the comments below!


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