Last week at a CARE Intensive there were a few “couple” massage therapists who were attending. There was a husband and wife couple, the hubby was going to school to be a Massage Therapist. There was also two sisters, both Massage Therapists who shared a house. My husband, who is also a Massage Therapist stopped by to help me pack up, so all the “I live with a massage therapists” couples got to meet.

We had quite a good laugh together as we were joking about what people say when they find out that one or both of them is a massage therapist. “Oh, my you must get massages all the time!” Was a common statement that we all giggled at. Then we shared how often we trade with our live-in massage therapist, which I’m sad to say, was not very often.

We all agreed, with our busy lives if we don’t schedule our wife, hubby or sister to receive a massage, then it just doesn’t happen! Something else is bound to come up. Or our “other” often says “no” to the massage because they feel guilty. They know that their live-in Massage Therapist has been massaging all day, and they don’t want to ask them to do another one when they are home.

In Adapting Raindrop, I was curious if this was a problem with Raindroppers too. I put out a poll and asked Raindroppers what does the other adult in your life say/do when you suggest giving them a Raindrop.

  • 16 Raindroppers said that they are ready and willing at any Raindrop suggestion!
  • 7 Say “Later’, but later never happens.
2 Said they are too busy unless they don’t feel well.
  • 2 Chose comes up with at least 5 thousand excuses why now is not a good time.
  • 1 added doesn’t really enjoy Raindrop because it takes too long

Wow! That is fantastic that more than half of respondents said that their significant other is ready and willing for receiving Raindrop. That is fantastic!

Now, the other half of the group that is having a challenge because Raindrop takes too much time, or later never happens, I can help you. Let me give you a tip that my hubby and I use to give each other Raindrops when we need it. We give each other “quickies”.

Yup, I’m talking Raindrop Quickies. They don’t take much time, they are effective and whenever I ask my hubby for a quickie, he is always happy to deliver and same on my end.

When it comes to Raindrops one thing that I hear people lament about is how long a Raindrop Session can be, usually an hour. A common complaint I hear from busy moms is that their hubby doesn’t want to receive Raindrop, because it takes too much time. I also hear the statement from busy moms that after a long day the last thing they want to do is give their hubby a Raindrop, even when they know they should….

So the solution for busy moms who want to support their significant other’s immune system with a Raindrop Quickies!

  • Who says when your spouse needs a Raindrop to support their immune system, your Raindrop session need to be an hour long?
  • Who says this Raindrop session must contain ALL the techniques you learned in your Raindrop class?
  • Who says this Raindrop session must use ALL the oils used in a traditional Raindrop?
  • Who says this Raindrop session to support the immune system must be done on a massage table with relaxing music?

After we attend a Raindrop Training we seem to get it into our heads that in order to give a Raindrop you must have a massage table, a Raindrop session is an hour long and you must use a certain combination of essential oils.

Well, if you are having a challenge finding the time to give your other adult in your life a Raindrop when they need it, I’d like you to consider offering your significant other a Raindrop Quickie. Let them know it will take 15-20 minutes. They can lay in bed or sit at the kitchen table. Either way, they will be comfortable and cozy and can either head to bed right after or go about their day.

To me, THIS is part of Adapting Raindrop. Let’s tailor, mold, modify or adapt your Raindrop to fit the person and the situation! The goal is to give Raindrop when your family members need it, not only when you have the time.  I share all my tips on how to adapt your Raindrops to fit each person and family member in the Raindrop Resource Guide Oily Family Edition.

Have you found yourself putting off giving a Raindrop to your significant other because one or both of you felt like you didn’t have the time or tools?