If you have been using oils or doing Raindrop for a while, I’m sure you have heard of “Roller Ball Raindrop”. This basically is taking a few drops of each oil typically used in the Raindrop Technique and mixing them in a roller bottle.  But, is Roller Ball Raindrop as effective as the Raindrop Technique?

In the Adapting Raindrop group we had quite a heated conversation about our thoughts on this method of “Raindrop”.

Before we jump into the Pros and Cons of Roller Ball Raindrop, we first need to cover a basic concept and that is the difference between blending essential oils and layering essential oils.

When you blend essential oils, you are basically doing what I described in the roller ball Raindrop. You take a certain amount of different essential oils and mix them together in a different container. You may or may not add a base oil. When you do that, you have then created a blend.

When you layer essential oils, you are simply applying one oil on your skin, rubbing it in, waiting a few minutes and then applying another oil. You many do this with two or many essential oils. Also, you may or may not add a base oil on the skin at some point.

Both methods are effective and used routinely by oilers.

But… when it comes to the Raindrop Technique, how does Roller Ball Raindrop compare to the traditional “dropping” and then feathering of the oils on the back, which essentially is layering.

Here are my thoughts on the topic:

It is called Raindrop Technique because it is a Technique.

When someone is doing Raindrop Technique they are dropping oils and feathering them along the spine. They may also apply the oils along the spinal vitaflex points on the foot. In my mind, the technique part of this is the stimulation of the nerves that exit the spine. It is the stimulation of the spinal nerves that makes this technique unique. Include those essential oils into the mix and POW you’ve got a powerful technique for using your essential oils.

Layering also allows the body to absorb and use the essential oil molecules an oil at a time. I feel that this slower introduction of essential oil molecules has a different affect on how the body uses or processes the molecules vs when using a blend.

Roller Ball Raindrop Blend.

When you mix the Raindrop oils into a roller ball, and then apply them along the spine or feet you are not getting the same nerve stimulation. Sure you are getting the supportive qualities of the essential oils but you are not getting the nerve stimulation “magic”. You are not doing Raindrop Technique, you are simply apply an essential oil blend.

Personally, I feel that if the Raindrop Blend was as effective as the Raindrop Technique, then I’m sure Young Living would be selling a Raindrop Blend with the intention of applying it on the back or feet.

When should I use a Roller Ball Raindrop?

Using a Roller Ball Raindrop Blend is convenient when you simply don’t have the time, energy or motivation to layer your oils.

  • Like when you are on a long car trip and want to apply the Raindrop Blend to your neck every hour or so.
  • Or when you want to give a Raindrop quickly to a restless dog.
  • Another example is when I gave a Roller Ball Raindrop Blend to my 95 year old grandmother to use. I knew she would not take the time to layer the oils on the soles of her feet. Honestly, she thought I was a bit nuts with my essential oils! She was not motivated to use the oils and the reason she did was, really because she loved me. There was no way she would bother dealing with taking of the caps of 3 to 4 essential oil bottles and apply each on to her feet. She agreed to roll the oil blend on her feet in the morning, and I knew that would be as much as she’d do with “these oils”. (By the way, it really did help her and her motivation to use “these oils”did grow!)

How can I layer Raindrop Oils when I am by myself?

If you don’t have someone to layer the oils on your spine, then I suggest you layer them on the soles of your feet. After you apply one oil, then stimulate your spinal nerves by using the vita flex technique on the spinal points on your feet.

I don’t have the time to layer and vita flex 9 essential oils.

If you don’t have the time to apply all the oils typically used in the Raindrop Technique, then use a few oils that would support your goals. Deciding which oils to use in a short raindrop is something I teach in the Raindrop Resource Guide, both the Facilitator’s Edition and Oily Family Edition.


I feel that you certainly can receive benefits from using a Raindrop Roller Ball Blend, but it is definitely not the same amount of benefits as a Raindrop Technique or a short Raindrop. When you have the time, layer with some type of nerve stimulation; feathering for the spine or VitaFlex for the feet.

Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on the difference in effectiveness of Raindrop Technique vs Raindrop Roller Ball Blends?  Let us know in the comments below!

Make Raindrop Practical

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