After teaching this technique for over 10 years, I have three tips to help make the Feathering Technique easy for you to do!

Feathering is used a lot in the Raindrop Technique.  Not only do you feather after you drop an oil, but you feather from sacrum to head a total of nine times for each oil you use.

So, let’s make this technique easy for you and feel super pleasant for your Receiver.


1. Practice on Your Arm

What I’ve noticed in Raindrop classes is that people tend to do this technique harder or with more pressure than intended.  The goal is to be as light as a feather, so you’ll wake up the nerves exiting the spine.

If you want to be like a feather, you need to do this technique very lightly.  A good way to test how light you are, is by practicing on your arm.  Feathering your arm will allow you to see what pressure you are.  Once you get that tickle, feather feeling then you know you hit the mark.  Now use that pressure on your Raindrop Receiver.


2. Drag not Push

If you were really going to use a feather to spread the oils on your Receiver’s back, how would you move that feather?  Would you drag it like a broom or push it like a shovel?

You’d drag it!  So make sure your hands are dragging vs pushing.


3. Keep your hands behind you

When you start feathering at the sacrum your hands will be either behind your or next to you.  A common thing people do when learning this technique is as their hands are moving up towards the head, they leave their feet stationary.  This now makes your “feather” push instead of drag.

To fix this, all you need to do is move your body forward as your hands are feathering higher along the spine.  This will keep your hands either behind or next to you, which will make it super easy to keep on dragging vs pushing.


Bonus Tip!
You are a typewriter

This tip will help you to always keep a physical connection with your Receiver. Once your hand that is closest to your Receiver’s head reaches the base of their skull, keep it there for a few seconds while your other hand makes contact with the sacrum.

For a split second you’ll have both “feathers” on your Receiver’s back.  Once your sacrum hand is ready to start the feathering again, remove your head hand and continue feathering.

Not only will this constant contact will feel amazing for your Receiver, but they will not experience that surprise jolt that may come with hands on/hands off.  It helps your Receiver to say grounded and relaxed.  (This is so much easier to understand in the video – take a minute to check it out!)


Your Thoughts

I’d love to know which tip helped you the most.
Give these tips a try, and let us know if your Receiver notices a difference.

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