I tell this story about Wintergreen at all my Raindrop classes to help students not freak out if the oils have something else in mind then they do.

A few years into doing Raindrop, I was giving Raindrop at a spa. I was working with one of my downline who owned a spa and wanted to include Raindrop, I was excited to help out and do so.

A woman who I did not know at all was my first Receiver. Since she was new to essential oils and Raindrop, I decided to reduce the number of drops applied. All was going well with the foot VitaFlex. She was super relaxed and I was feeling confident.

But then, I got to Wintergreen. When I dropped wintergreen in my hand for her left foot, that wintergreen just POURED out! I looked to see if the dropper was removed. It was all over my hand and her foot. Yikes! I worried and got anxious, that was a lot of oil for someone new to oils!

I decided to “play it cool”, and continued to VitaFlex and allow the oils to be absorbed in their own time.

At the end of the session when she was drinking her water I asked her if there was anything going on with her left foot. She said. “Yes, I broke it a few years back and the doctor just diagnosed my foot with arthritis. It really has been hurting a lot. Right now, it feels pretty good!”

That was when I started to see a pattern. The oil that simply pours out ALWAYS is the oil that the body needs. This is why I don’t worry anymore when an oil has other plans than me… I think it feels the frequency of my receiver and responds.

I’ve had the opposite happen when an oil will just NOT come out of a bottle. The bottle is full, I’m holding it patiently and NOTHING comes out. I give it some time, but if that oil refuses to come out, I listen and pass it over. I’ve come to the decision the frequency of the body and oils are responding to each other and I just need to get over myself and listen.

This is why I don’t think tapping the bottle to make those oils “hurry up” is a good idea. Allow those oils to flow, they know!

Do you sometimes get frustrated when an oil is not coming out? Do you find yourself shaking or tapping that bottle? Have you ever hand a bottle just “pour” out unexpectedly and you wondered why?  Does this story give you a new perspective to how your oils “behave” when giving a Raindrop?  I’d love to know!!