Have you been giving a Raindrop, and are frustrated when your upper back is getting sore?

As a Massage Therapist, I have found that the Pectoralis Major is tight, pretty much on every woman I see on my table.
This muscle gets tight because of the things we do as women:
  • Hold babies
  • Nurse babies
  • Cook
  • Drive the car
  • Work on the computer
  • and now as a Raindropper you are adding one more; giving the Raindrop Technique!

When this muscle is tight (and I bet yours is) it can make getting into good posture almost impossible and cause a sore upper back.  Who wants a sore back when they are giving a Raindrop??

Join me in this video as I share how to
  • self massage this muscle
  • stretch this muscle
  • strengthen the Pec’s complementary muscle.
Not only will learning these self care tips help you to be pain-free, but they will also give you better posture!

If you found this video to be helpful, then you’ll want to check out “Pain-Free Raindrop”.  I’ll give you all my tips to stay in good posture when you are giving a Raindrop.  When you are in good posture, that means you’ll be pain-free and then you’ll be able to pay attention to your Receiver more and give a better Raindrop!!  Check it out HERE.