We don’t have rituals to support emotional health right after trauma, yet if you find a Spiritual Healer, they have the tools we need!

While I was cooking dinner a few days ago I was listening to a video by Jean Nolan, the founder of the Inspired Channel and he said something that made me stop and think.

He mentioned that our society does not have a ritual or ceremony for after people are hurt to help them release those negative emotions.



That got me thinking because he is absolutely correct. In our culture we don’t have rituals to support emotional health right after trauma, yet we have the tools!

After someone experiences emotional trauma; abused verbally or physcially, witnesses a horrible event, is in a bad car accident, undergoes cancer treatment or a loved one dies, what do we do? Maybe they will see a therapist, but unfortunately most wait for years to get help only because their life is being negatively affected by the memory and impact of the event.

With research showing that 80-90% of sickness and disease is caused by negative emotions it makes me wonder why we don’t address these emotions right when they happen. Why do we wait?

Ceremonies for physical and emotional healing was part of indigenous cultures. The ancient Egyptians had a healing ceremony for releasing negative emotions. Animals shake after a traumatic event to release the negative emotion.

But, what do we do now as a society to support those who have sustained a traumatic event?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but not too much.


I’ve been involved in the “emotional release” world for a few years now.

The education I’ve received and the clients I work with focus on old emotions that have been recorded in our DNA and have created a negative vibration or energy which in turn effected the health or spiritual journey of the person.

Why haven’t I thought of using these tools and skills for people immediately after trauma? Again, why do we wait?

When my daughter was little, when she fell and hurt her knee I’d tell her to gather the pain in her hands and then throw it towards the sky. I’d tell her to give the hurt to God, he’d be able to heal it.

As she grew up and dealt with the emotional pains of peers not always being kind, I’d give her the same advice. I’d tell her our souls don’t want to hold on to that hurt so we have a choice we either pass on that hurt to someone else by being mean in a similar way or we need to collect that hurt and give it to God.

But that is as far as it went in our house for emotional release after trauma. Now as I’m looking over my books on emotional release and essential oils I see there is a lot more I could have done to support her release of these emotional hurts.



As I look out at world current events I see a great deal of hurts.

I see anger, fear, sadness and regret expressed daily from a wide variety of people. As the truth emerges people are going to need support. We need our spiritual healers to teach people how to start healing their emotions now so the emotional hurts from current events don’t affect them later in life.

I know Certified Raindrop Technique Specialists / Licensed Spiritual Healers have the skills and tools just for this important job!

Do you see an increased need for emotional and spiritual healing right now?

Are you a Spiritual Healer? Feel free to leave your contact information in the comments below so those looking for emotional healing can find you.


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