Someone recently asked me, “What do you mean by Adapting Raindrop?”

Adapting Raindrop to me means, adapting or tailoring the Raindrop technique to fit the current needs of my receiver.


When I first started giving Raindrop, I used the same set up of oils and the same amount of drops I learned in my class. In time, as I started to have clients with different needs and goals, I started adapting my Raindrops for them.

I had a client who was NOT interested in improving their health, they just wanted to relax, they eat out for lunch every day and only drink soda because “water is so boring”. This is a person I am going to “adapt” their Raindrop so they get the experience they were looking for – not a big unexpected detox instead. (The questions I asked her before her Raindrop opened her to the idea of making some healthy changes)

I also had client who’s wellness focus was their respiratory system. They wanted to do all they could to support it, and she loved the oils. I tailored their Raindrop for Respiratory support by changing up the oil choices a bit.

When my girl was 4, I gave her a few Raindrops at night time to help her to sleep. I definitely changed things up a lot for her! Not only did I change the oils, the amount used, but also the way I did the techniques.

I have many clients who recently had surgery and could not lie on the table face down. Not only did I adapt how they received the Raindrop, but also how I gave it. I had to totally change my posture and the regular way of dropping oils and techniques.

ALL of this is what I mean when I use the term “Adapting Raindrop”.


Raindrop is such a versatile and practical tool.

I want all Oilers comfortable with giving Raindrop and confident to tailor Raindrop for each person they give it to! That is the whole goal behind Adapting Raindrop!

After giving Raindrop to a wide variety of people for the past 15+ years, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve on practical ways to adapt Raindrop. That is why I wrote the book “The Raindrop Resource Guide for Oily Families” and I’ll soon be publishing “The Practitioner’s Raindrop Resource Guide”.


Your Thoughts

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