In CARE Raindrop classes we always mention that when doing Raindrop on someone with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) the general rule is you don’t use a moist HEAT pack at the end of the Raindrop, but instead use a moist COOL pack.

Initially when I heard that, I thought the idea of using a cold pack for Receivers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sounded like an unpleasant way to end a Raindrop session.

The reason I felt that way is because I don’t have MS! Heat feels good to me. Most people with MS don’t care for heat because it exacerbates the MS.

MS is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation that damages the myelin sheath around nerves. When the myelin sheath is damaged it exposes the nerve. The myelin sheath is just like the plastic covering the electric wire (nerve) of your phone charger cord. Once that plastic covering (myelin sheath) is damaged, your cord does not work well. When heat is introduced to the exposed nerve it increases MS symptoms.

Now we still want to use a moist heat pack after Raindrop. Just because we may be nixing the heat in our pack, you still want to use a MOIST pack. The water in the pack helps to “push” the “water repelling” essential oil molecules into the body.

Of course, one must be cautious when using the terms “always” or “never” when discussing peoples’ health because we are all so unique.

I mentioned that this is a general rule, and it is. I have heard people with MS state that the moist heat pack was fine for them. I also have heard comments from others with MS share that they felt horrible after a moist heat pack and the cool pack made all the difference!

My advice to you is don’t decide on your own. If your Receiver has MS ask them how they feel with heat. Is it something they enjoy or do they tend to avoid it. Do they love hot showers or prefer cooler ones? I think this is the best way to determine if your Receiver with MS should get a moist pack or cool pack.

Let me know if this helps explain why it is recommended by many to use a cool moist heat pack with Raindrop Receivers who have Multiple Sclerosis.

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