A Raindropper recently asked me what I thought of heated blankets or massage table pads. She said her room is chilly and she wants to make sure her Raindrop Receivers stay warm.

I used to love my heated blanket and snuggled up to one every winter night until I learned about EMFs. Unfortunately, heated blankets have a ton of EMFs.

EMFs are Electromagnetic fields. This is a type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by almost everything electrical or electronic, like a heated blanket.


Studies are showing that low level EMFs can influence certain sensitive bio-electromagnetic processes within our cells, brains and bodies.

Thousands of studies on EMFs have been done.  One example of the results show that  EMFs may be affecting us by reducing the secretion of melatonin from the pineal glad.

Some people report that they feel more agitated, anxious or unwell when around EMFs.

Though you may be keeping your Receiver toasty with a heated table top warmer, you are unintentionally affecting the natural electric processes of their cells.


Raindrop is the application of electrically charged molecules applied to the spine and spinal points on the feet.

We are also using VitaFlex, an electrical stimulating technique. My guess is that the EMFs from the warming blanket would have a negative effect on both of these tools that are used in Raindrop


So, if we don’t use a heated blanket, what can you do to keep your Raindrop Receivers toasty warm and comfortable for the full experience?

You could still use a massage table top warmer to warm the sheets and table. You can get the table warm by putting it on high for 15 minutes before the session begins and then turn off the warming right before the session starts.

Another option is using a small space heater. This can warm the room to a variety of temperatures. It does make noise, but can be quickly turned off, on and temperature easily adjusted. You may consider putting a small EMF protection divide on the heater, as it does emit EMFs too!

My last idea is that you can also use a fuzzy warm blanket over your Raindrop Receiver. This will keep them warm when they are face up, but when they flip over for you to apply oils to their back, they may get chilly. Fuzzy blankets are inviting and lush but don’t forget they need to be washed regularly.


Tell us below:
How do you keep your Raindrop Receivers warm and toasty while they are on your massage table? What have you found works best for you.

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