My first thought was “Then why are you here?”

I have a very kind client who comes in once a month to see me for Raindrop. In the past 10 years she has made big diet, lifestyle and supplement changes and is seeing the results, she is feeling great! Seeing me for Raindrop is part of her self care practice.

A few months ago when she came to her appointment, I asked her, as I ask all my clients, “What is the focus for today? How can I help you?”

Her reply was, “I feel good, really good actually! I don’t have anything bothering me.”

You already know what my first thought was. “Then why are you here?”

I’m used to my clients having multiple aches, pains and/or swelling they are dealing with. As they tell me about their issues, I’m taking notes and I’m creating a game plan in my head. I like to address as many of their concerns as possible, but I always narrow it down to the top 3 with them.

This statement “I don’t have anything bothering me.” Stopped me in my tracks. I wasn’t used to hearing that and I honestly wasn’t sure what to do next.


My client, being the wise woman she is said, “I guess it is working then, right!”

Why yes, of course she is right! What is the goal of self care after all? The ultimate goal is feeling good, so nothing hurts and you don’t have anything bothering you, right? So when you get there, like this client did – do you stop the self care? No!


Getting healthy is like hiking up a mountain.

They both require effort and there can be challenges but when you get to the top, the view is amazing! You FEEL amazing. But that is where the similarities end.

When you hike to the summit of a mountain, you may stay for a while, but then you hike back down to where you started. When you are on a health journey, and you have reached your goal, you don’t want to turn around and go back to where you started! You want to continue on the journey.

Keeping the health journey going means that you need to continue doing the things that got you to your goal. You need to continue eating the healthy foods, meditating, exercising and of course, getting Raindrops!


It was during this Raindrop session with my wise client that I had this realization.

I’m glad I had this lesson, because once I did, do you know what happened? I started to have new clients schedule with me as a maintenance support to their health journey. They had no complaints, but understood the value of what I offer.


My mental shift had a big effect on my self care journey and my business.

I hope this gives you an “ah-ha!”, like it did me! I hope you find that people are contacting you to help them continue their wellness journey, not only to get over the big hurdles. I also hope this helps you to find the time to include Raindrop into your wellness maintenance journey!

Tell us below:
Do you find that you when you give a Raindrop your Receivers are focused on a goal, or is it more for maintenance?

What are some of the common reasons why your Raindrop Receivers include Raindrop as part of their Wellness Maintenance Journey?

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