If you find that staying in contact with your receiver while giving the Raindrop Technique® is a challenge to do while you are juggling essential oil bottles, then this tip will be helpful for you!

The best advice I have for a Raindropper when it comes to getting ready for doing a Raindrop is to stay organized. Really, this is when being a little “Type A” personality helps!

I like being organized when I’m doing my Raindrops because then my brain has one less thing to worry about. Instead of me worrying about “what is the next oil?”, my brain can focus 100% on my receiver.

When you get your oils out, line them up in the order you will use them (Picture 1).

Take the caps off and place the caps behind the bottles. This will allow you to recap the right cap with the right bottle. (I don’t like to mix my oregano cap with my basil or cypress cap! Goodness, I never know I was so Type A until now….).

As you are doing foot VitaFlex, move that bottle back – but still keep it in order (Picture 2).

That makes it easy to grab the next one and you know which bottle is next.

When you finish with the foot VitaFlex all of the Raindrop oils should still be in order and ready to use for the back.

As you work on the back, and you finish using a bottle, simply replace it back on the table and move it forward in the line (Picture 3).

Again, now you know which oil is next to use.

When you are ALL done with the Raindrop, this makes clean up a breeze. You have your oil bottles and your caps still in order. You simply recap and your bottles are in order for the next session.

If you are giving multiple Raindrops a day, this allows you to quickly pick up each bottle and wipe them down with Thieves cleaner.

Everything is tidy, organized and ready to go. The only thing you need to do for your next session is take off the caps, you are ready to rock and roll!

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