One of the reasons why you and I may follow a different oil order when we do a Raindrop is because of Gary Young himself, the creator of Raindrop!

Hard to believe isn’t it.

But let me explain!

When Gary was demonstrating Raindrop during a meeting, convention or conference he would start out as a “teacher”, but soon being the intuitive guy that he was he would forget he was demonstrating Raindrop to hundreds, maybe thousands of people and fall into “healer” mode.

As a “Healer” he would then complete this Raindrop on “Bob”, who was the demo on the massage table. So that means all of those people observing this Raindrop would walk away thinking that the “Bob” Raindrop was THE way to give a Raindrop.

Well, the next time Gary held a conference and demonstrated Raindrop, well it happened again! He’d start demonstrating the Raindrop on “Linda”, but would slip out of teacher mode and enter healer mode. Now all those people observing would see a Raindrop for Linda and would leave the conference with the idea that they saw THE way to give a Raindrop.

That is one reason why you and I may be having a different oil order when we do our Raindrops!

What is the oil order that you use?

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