Many people who give Raindrops are not familiar with Chakras, myself included! But, a health concern I was dealing with led me to do some research on Chakras and I was blown away that I had not delved into this topic before.

When we do Raindrop, we are focused on the frequency of the oils and we state that we need to stay in contact with our receivers once we enter their aura. We are dealing with auras, frequency and energy in Raindrop so it is not a huge leap to consider Chakras too.

We know that all things have a frequency and are made of frequency; our bodies, the trees, the chair you are sitting in, the cat, our essential oils each have a unique frequency. Each organ in our body has its own frequency and so does each cell that makes up our body!!

We are familiar with the aura, which is unique to us and how we are feeling emotionally and physically.

Our aura is our total energy which is radiating from us, like the light and warmth from the sun. Most of us cannot see auras, but we sure can feel them! You know when someone is standing behind you, but they didn’t touch you – you felt their aura! You know when you meet someone new and right away you “feel” that you like them or the hair on the back of your neck raises up and you know you don’t want to be around them? You are feeling their aura.


Chakras are another part of our body’s energy or frequency.

Chakras are energy centers along the midline of our body. It is the energy from these centers that offer support to our body. These energy centers are either turning or stuck. When they are turning, it means that the energy is flowing well and that area of our body is supported. When they are stuck, then the energy is not flowing well and we may see physical and/or emotional problems.

If the chakra is not turning or is stuck, then that area of the body is not getting the energy it needs. If this goes on for some time, you could start to see some evidence of the body “failing” in the areas that the chakra supports.


If you are having a hard time with auras and chakras because you can’t see them, then please consider this.

Your body is super organized. EVERY function our body does is organized, think about each system working in your body; digestive, respiratory, circulator, muscular, etc. Every system really is a complete miracle and yet it goes about its business without much thought or help from you. Your blood pressure, digestion, respiration, growth, etc. is ALL working for you and you don’t think about it.

If this is the case for our physical body, why can’t there be a super organized electric system that we don’t know is doing its job for us too.


I love the visual that Jen offers in “The Pathway to Emotional Healing”, as she explain Chakras.

She writes, “Our seven chakras serve the purpose of receiving, processing and disseminating information in the form of energy between our spiritual and physical bodies.”

Each Chakras not only supports our body systems by distributing the energy that they care for, but they also receive emotions! Based on the frequency of the emotion, the Chakras decides what corresponding organ to store that emotion in.


Knowing what Chakra supports what organs or body regions means that we can determine what chakra needs “opening” based on what area of our body is not feeling good.

An easy way to look at it is:

Healthy Chakras = Healthy Energy Flow + Healthy Emotions

What do you think, are you now more intrigued to learn more about how to keep your Chakras turning and healthy?

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